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The Magic of Wicca Jewelry October 21, 2010

Posted by The Wayward Wiccan in : Amusing Musings , trackback

Lots of Pagans and Wicca followers find comfort and peacefulness in wearing certain jewelry pieces as amulets and protective talismans. By its nature, Wicca jewelry is magical. Everything that goes into the making of Wicca jewelry brings its own energy into it. I’m talking about the metals, the gem stones, the colors of the stones and symbols.

Usually, when someone talks about Wicca jewelry, people imagine pentagram amulets or triple Moon rings. And it’s OK since those are two of the most common Wiccan jewelry symbols, but I suggest we take a look at the rest of the symbols: starts, goddesses, spirals, Celtic designs, Egyptian designs, runes, animals and nature.

Here’s a small trick how to create a talisman associated with thankfulness and the celebration of all the good things that have happened to you in your life. Take a piece of jewelry that you enjoy wearing or, if you feel like renewing your jewelry collection, shop for a new one, and turn it into your very own talisman of thankfulness. The way to create the talisman is by sitting quietly, while holding your jewelry piece (ring, bracelet or necklace), and focusing only positive energy into it.

Wear the jewelry regularly, close to your skin and every time you feel sad, underappreciated, stressed or tired, the talisman will remind you of the positive energy and gratitude you’ve put into it.

What kind of jewelry do you love to wear?


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