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Samhain Celebration October 13, 2010

Posted by The Wayward Wiccan in : Wiccan Words , trackback

While most people know Samhain as Halloween, for Wicca followers and Pagans this is the time to honor and celebrate the ancestors. It is also the perfect time to contact the spirit world, since the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest.

As you all know, November 1st is All Saints Day. It is a day when the festival to honor any saint who didn’t already have a day of his/her own. On All Saints, the mass which is said is called “Allhallowmass”. Of course, the nigh before was known as All Hallows Eve, and in the end became what we call Halloween.

Like I’ve said, Samhain is the time to honor our ancestors and celebrate their memory. It is said that in some cases, the ancestors’ spirits have returned to communicate with their living relatives.

If you want to celebrate this day in the Celtic tradition, spread the festivities over three consecutive days. Sunset on Samhain represents the beginning of the Celtic New Year also known as the Witch’s New Year. This is a good time to leave the old behind and prepare for new beginnings. It’s time to take care of all the unsolved matters and unfinished business. Only after you’ve cleared all that you can begin looking towards to New Year.

How will you celebrate Samhain? Tell me about your rituals.


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