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Woman Finds Witchcraft Paraphernalia at the Havan Cemetery September 30, 2010

Posted by The Wayward Wiccan in : Witchy News , trackback

A woman recently found what she calls “witchcraft objects” at the Havana Cemetery, and since she was completely scared of what she saw she immediately called Action 4 News to come at the scene.

The woman, who is referred to as “Jane” in the news report, declared that what she saw was “a jaw with candle wax, burned paper, and red chili peppers wrapped in plastic bags.” The reports also states that “a pentagram, candles, a broken egg in a jar, and even a cow’s tongue are all items placed throughout the cemetery.”

At the sight of all these things plus some pictures with the words “death” and “poverty” written on the back, the woman freaked out, and considers them “evil”. The reporters also consider the findings at the Havana Cemetery to be “satanic paraphernalia”.

But witchcraft is not the only thing concerning the woman. She also pointed out the lack of maintenance to the cemetery, saying that there is no lightning, no security, no maintenance what so ever. Regarding this matter, Hidalgo County Precinct 3 officials declared that “it is those who have loved ones buried there responsibility to keep it maintained”.

What do you think of the woman’s story? Is it news worthy?


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