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Regulation for Psychics September 23, 2010

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Regulation for Psychics

Starting the first week of September, all fortune tellers and psychics in Warren, Mich. must be fingerprinted and pay an annual fee of $150 plus $10 for a police background check, to be allowed to practice their crafts. Warren city-council member Keith Sadowski declared: “We had no mechanism of enforcement to protect people against unsavory characters. We want to be sure there is some recourse in case we do get somebody who is not legitimate.” These new strict rules will apply to clairvoyants, palmists, fortune readers and other psychics.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, about 1 in 7 Americans consulted a psychic in 2009. So this is also a good economic decision. Another reason behind the officials’ decision of regulating this business is to weed out the tricksters and manage their activities. Matt Nichols, a Warren police officer, told the city council that the town appeared vulnerable to fortune-telling crime but since there were no regulations for such acts, no criminal charges could be made.

Lots of people are vulnerable and can be harmed by false prophets. On September 1, in Florida, psychic Gina Marie Marks pleaded guilty to grand theft and fraud. According to one of her victim’s testimony, Marks got $312,926.29 for her services and even persuaded the woman into getting a tattoo.

Of course, not all psychics are tricksters and some even agree with the tougher government oversight. Julia Mary Cox, a Michigan psychic plying her craft near Warren, said of the new rules. “There are so many people practicing out there, doing it under false pretenses, giving honest people a bad name.”


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