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Apples, the Symbol of the Divine September 26, 2010

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Apples, the Symbol of the Divine

Ever since I can remember apples have been popular tools for telling the future or guessing who one’s future lover will be. As a child, I often played this game:

– I carefully peeled one apple so that the peel stayed in one long piece. After taking the peel off completely, I or one of my friends dropped it on the floor. We used to think that the letter formed by the peel was the first initial of our true love’s name. Fun game, right?

Apples are associated with immortality and also considered food for the death. They are also associated with the harvest, which makes them perfect for celebrating Mabon. Wicca followers and Pagans often honor the Roman goddess Pomona and hold the Apple Harvest rite.

Apples are also perfect for home decorating and craft projects. For example:

● You can make apple candleholders. Simply core out the top of two apples and place the candles.

● Your home will look and smell great if you hang apple garlands around!

● A tasty way to celebrate the harvest: brew up a pot of apple butter!

Remember, apples are not only delicious, perfect for celebrating Mabon and decorating your home with magical apple energy: they’re also healthy! An apple a day keeps the doctor away!


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